The Guardian - "Leviev donates to settlements - Britain must not reward him by renting the location for the new embassy from him"


Translated by Adalah-NY from the Hebrew-only edition.

". . . .The British embassy’s decision to rent its new embassy building in Tel Aviv from Lev Leviev’s Africa-Israel sends a message from Britain about its position regarding settlements. So wrote the Guardian journalist Abe Hayeem in an op-ed published today (Tuesday) in the Guardian’s internet edition.

The journalist recalls that British prime minister Gordon Brown was quoted as saying to Abu Mazen during his last visit to Ramallah: 'We want to see a freeze on settlements. Settlement expansion has made peace harder to achieve. It erodes trust, it heightens Palestinian suffering, it makes the compromises Israel needs to make for peace more difficult.' According to Hayeem, locating the embassy in Leviev’s building sends the opposite message. . . ."


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September 09, 2008

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