Tell Brooklinen to stop sewing destruction in Palestine

As Omar Barghouti, BDS co-founder, said in a recent interview, “complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity does not become less important during a pandemic. It becomes even more important. Because it makes us that much more vulnerable.” As Israel uses this time when the world is focused on the pandemic to push to illegally annex Palestinian land and continues to violate Palestinian rights, supporting Palestinians on the ground through BDS is vital.
In February, Adalah-NY held a protest outside the first store of Brooklinen, a Brooklyn-based company that sells sheets and other home goods  that are “made in Israel.” The uncomfortable truth Brooklinen is hiding under their sheets is that their Israeli partners, Offis and Ofertex, have profited from Israel’s ethnic cleansing and settlement enterprise, and from the exploitation of Palestinian workers. 
We can’t protest at their store now, so we’re asking you to help us protest Brooklinen online. Please share the call to #BoycottBrooklinen – each link contains a different tweet. And let “influencers” and other people promoting Brooklinen on social media know what Brooklinen is hiding under their sheets. 


Tell Brooklinen to stop sewing destruction in Palestine

Taking advantage of our sheltering in place, Brooklinen ramped up its online advertising, trying to profit not just from Israeli apartheid, but also from the pandemic. They blasted out an email to consumers saying,“We’ve asked how we can be helpful during this time… we’re offering our Loungewear Collection at 25% off.” 

Demand that Brooklinen stop profiting from other people’s suffering 

In March,  Brooklinen announced a $50 million investment from the private equity firm Summit Partners to support opening 30 new stores.

Tell Summit Partners that Israeli apartheid is a bad investment


Learn more about Brooklinen here. We’re going to keep protesting Brooklinen, online and in-person, until they end their partnerships with companies that support Israeli apartheid. Join us!