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"BDS on Broadway" visits Max Brenner, March 08, 2014
"BDS on Broadway: An Anti-Apartheid Musical Walking Tour" visits Max Brenner, March 08, 2014

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New York, NY – In a joyful celebration of the Palestinian peaceful and creative grassroots resistance, 40 New York human rights activists conducted a musical walking tour of businesses complicit in Israeli Apartheid in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The “Off-Off-Broadway BDS Tour” was part of the international commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the Palestinian United Call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

“This year we mark five years of hard and fruitful work to achieve peace and equality for all in Palestine-Israel. We are inspired by the growing global boycott movement and with the recent campaigns that range from dockworkers in San Francisco, campaigns in Norway, Sweden, Turkey and India refusing to unload ships to cultural figures like Elvis Costello refusing to perform in Israel,” said Ryvka Zohar of Adalah-NY.



A Musical Boycott Tour of Israeli Businesses & Products


When: NEW DAY & TIME!! Sunday, July 11th, start gathering at 11:30am. Tour starts promptly at noon

Where: Gather at the NW corner of Houston & MacDougal, then head to Aroma Espresso Bar (145 Greene St--Corner of Houston & Greene)


Please join us on Sunday, July 11 at noon for a spirited tour of boycott targets with Adalah-NY. We will sing and dance on parade and at selected stores that sell Israeli apartheid chocolate, coffee, telecommunications, and beauty supplies. Along with reprising our hit choreographies and parodies, we’ll introduce new numbers and enlist your participation. Don’t miss this celebration of five years of the Palestinian civil society boycott call.

Press Release

New York, NY  – As the MV Rachel Corrie, the second half of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, was towed into the Israeli port of Ashdod after another attempt to break Israel's siege on Gaza, 100 New Yorkers marched through the streets of Manhattan, south of Union Square. Heeding the Palestinian civil society call for intensifying boycott and sanctions against Israel in the wake of this week's Freedom Flotilla massacre,the marchers chanted, sang songs and performed poetry outside three locations targeted for boycott.

Press Release

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Astoria, NY, July 11 – Twenty New York human rights advocates captivated Astoria, Queens shoppers today with songs and street theater calling for a boycott of communications giant Motorola until it stops selling products that aid Israel’s army and settlement movement. Today’s protest outside a Sprint store selling Motorola cellphones on Steinway Street was the second of five summer actions planned by the New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel (NYCBI). The protests are part of a growing worldwide boycott movement, which gained momentum with Israel’s attack on Gaza killing 1400 Palestinians.

Holding Palestinian flags and signs saying, “Goodbye Moto, Goodbye Apartheid,” and “Boycott Motorola, Free Palestine,” protestors distributed hundreds of flyers to shoppers. Forty-two people signed pledges not to buy Motorola products. Many passersby who were heading to the Arab-American section of Steinway Street expressed gratitude and support for the campaign.



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Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions are moral, nonviolent actions to pressure Israel to comply with basic principles of justice and international law, including ending the occupation, facilitating the right of Palestinian refugees to return and ensuring equal rights for all Palestinian citizens of Israel.

Take action now to stop Israeli atrocities in Gaza and put an end to Israeli crimes.