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BDS are moral, nonviolent actions to pressure Israel to comply with basic principles of justice and international law. Boycott companies that benefit from Israeli war crimes and apartheid.

"BDS on Broadway" visits Max Brenner, March 08, 2014
"BDS on Broadway: An Anti-Apartheid Musical Walking Tour" visits Max Brenner, March 08, 2014

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In this connection, I'd point out again that the PEN America World Voices fest just came off without its traditional sponsorship from Israel. Dropping Israel as a sponsor was, I believe, intentional; though PEN's director Suzanne Nossel was careful not to cop to that. What is undeniable is that PEN came under considerable pressure from Adalah-NY's steady campaign over the sponsorship; and Nossel was receptive to Adalah.

Press Release

New York, NY – Fifty human rights advocates with Adalah-NY and affiliated groups outshined the jewelry of Leviev Diamonds Friday night in Manhattan. Boycott advocates arrived to find Leviev Diamonds had closed for the organization’s protest for the fourth time in a row, all during the year’s biggest shopping periods. This year Adalah-NY scheduled the 10th annual holiday caroling protest against the companies of Israeli settlement-builder Lev Leviev to coincide with the Global Week of Action targeting Hewlett-Packard (HP). After caroling at Leviev, protesters marched to a nearby Staples store selling HP products for the second half of the demonstration.

Protesters, many wearing Santa hats, sang holiday carol tuned parodies calling for boycott of the two Israeli apartheid-profiting companies. They dazzled Manhattan’s Upper East Side with cheerful, anti-Apartheid holiday greetings and Palestine-solidarity messages, to the sounds of music and jingle bells.

Aroma is the largest coffee retailer in Israel. The chain currently has 100 locations in Israel, including in the Israeli settlement of Ma’ale Adumim in Jerusalem. All Israeli settlements built in the occupied territories are illegal, according to international law.

Max Brenner is an Israeli chocolate-store chain, with locations across the globe. Max Brenner is 100% owned by the Israeli company the Strauss Group, which is the second largest Israeli food-and-beverage company and is widely held up as one of the great successes of Israeli industry. Strauss Group is complicit in the wide-ranging violations of human rights conducted by the Israeli army and specifically the Golani Brigade, which it has supported for over 30 years.

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