Boycott SodaStream


SodaStream International Ltd. is an Israeli company that produces carbonization devices and syrup for making soft drinks at home. SodaStream is complicit in Israel’s apartheid system and regularly profits from violations of Palestinian rights. SodaStream utilizes land and resources stolen from Palestinians and exploits Palestinian workers. SodaStream depends on Israel's apartheid system which limits Palestinian workers’ movement and protects the company's access to land and resources. The company also financially supports Israeli occupation, and as an abettor of Israel's colonization of Palestine, SodaStream benefits from financial subsidies and lax regulation. SodaStream is currently produced in two factories, one in the West Bank and another in the Naqab (Negev). At both locations SodaStream is complicit in the displacement of Palestinians, theft of their resources, and perpetuation of the apartheid system which subjugates and oppresses them. Based on these realities, SodaStream is a target of the Palestinian call for the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) of Israel and complicit institutions, until Israel meets its obligation to fully comply with international law and uphold the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination.

No SodaStreamAs individuals and organizations that care about human rights, we are deeply concerned that Le Cordon Bleu has partnered with the Israeli company SodaStream. SodaStream’s association with Israel’s apartheid practices, as detailed in the recent letter to Le Cordon Bleu, has made it the target of an international boycott campaign. From 1996 until September 2015, SodaStream operated in the occupied West Bank in direct violation of international law. Its move to the Naqab will contribute to the Israeli government’s practice of displacing Palestinian Bedouins and confiscating their land and natural resources. We therefore call on Le Cordon Bleu to refuse to be complicit in Israeli violations of Palestinian rights and international law, and immediately end its partnership with SodaStream.

Jewish Standard


The Boycott Israel’s BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) efforts continue to advance on campuses and in Europe.

It’s not certain, though, that this video will contribute much positively to that momentum.

What’s interesting is that SodaStream, in addition to promoting coexistence when its factories were in the West Bank, has now moved all of its facilities into pre-1967 Israel – only to be targeted by the BDS movement.

This will not be lost on other Israeli companies as they decide how to proceed with locating their production facilities.