2. Motorola Israel: Communications

In 2000 Motorola Israel acquired a $100 million dollar contract to provide a nationwide military cellular network for the Israeli Defense Forces. Code named "Mountain Rose" (vered harim in Hebrew), the system became operational in 2004. Mountain Rose is a data encrypted communications system that allows for military commanders, soldiers, and civilian leaders to communicate securely and exchange information on the move anywhere they operate.

Users of Mountain Rose enjoy secure voice communications, text messaging, and transmission of satellite and reconnaissance photography and other data on an integrated, self-contained network. In the field, commanders can link to terrestrial networks or satellite communications systems to “facilitate direct and seamless connectivity from the lowest echelon up to the national command level.” The system is installed in armored vehicles using intercom systems that eliminate the need for underlying infrastructure.

The Mountain Rose system enhances the Israeli military’s command and control capacities, and will augment and strengthen its military operations. In May 2008, the IDF announced a new, independent land force division whose sole purpose is to provide forces and supporting equipment to ongoing operations. The Mountain Rose network provides critical support to these units. As one commander noted, “Imagine taking a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) from one spot and attack weapon from someplace else, together with a video conference with people spread in various locations you'll have a network that is exploding.”

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