Sources re Danya Cebus construction in Mattityahu East

-July 31, 2008, Land Grabs and Lawsuits, The Montreal Mirror, Jesse Rosenfeld

According to a spokesperson from Green Park and Green Mount’s business partners Danya Cebus construction company, the two companies are owned by wealthy American businessman Shaya Boymelgreen. Danya Cebus received a subcontract for the Mattityahu East project in 2004 and the spokesperson says the two companies are part of Boymelgreen’s business conglomerate.

“Green Park and Green Mount—as part of the Boymelgreen group—subcontracted to Danya Cebus, with the [Israeli] government’s approval in awarding contracts,” says a Danya Cebus spokesperson. “Boymelgreen was the group that won the contract and Danya Cebus is acting as the subcontractor.”

A subsidiary of Africa Israel Investments LTD, Danya Cebus is owned by Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev.



-Click here for contract in Hebrew showing Danya Cebus' responsibility for Mattityahu East homes




-August, 2006 Gaza Algazi article in Le Monde Diplomatique re Danya Cebus construction in Mattityahu East

Settlers on Israel’s Eastern Frontier
Complete Article:

Monde Diplomatique, Gadi Algazi August, 2006

The residents of Bil’in face a powerful alliance of political and economic interests. Two neighbourhoods will be built on their stolen lands. The Green Park project is being constructed by Dania Cebus, a subsidiary of Africa-Israel Corporation, a real-estate investment firm owned by one of Israel’s most powerful businessmen, Lev Leviev.





-August 22, 2004 article in Globes re Danya Cebus contract to build in Mattityahu East

Canadian investors buy East Matityahu plot to build 2,500 apt units;
It is believed the investors will pay $22 million for the 235 acre plot. A $130 million contract has been signed with construction company Danya Cebus.

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

BYLINE: Elazar Levin

Two Canadian-Jewish investors have purchased a 235 acre plot in East Matityahu from businessman Shmuel Einav. The purchase effectively liquidates Einav's holdings in East Matityahu, a haredi (ultra-Orthodox) town currently under construction north of Modiin. The investors paid an estimated $22 million for the plot, on which they intend to build 2,500 apartment units.

Einav, once among the biggest landholders in Judea and Samaria, bought 250 acres from its Arab owners several years ago. At the time, he paid $5 million, at $20,000 per acre. He subsequently invested a great deal of money in improvement and development of the land, in addition to other expenses.

The estimated $22 million purchase price reflects a price tag of $8,000-9,000 per land per apartment, plus $6,500 for development per apartment.

Almost immediately, the Canadian investors signed a turnkey contract with construction company Danya Cebus (TASE:DNYA). At $52,000 per land per apartment, the contract comes to $130 million.

Published by Globes [online]- - on Sunday, August 22, 2004




-August 22, 2004 article in Globes re Danya Cebus plans to build and Africa-Israel plan to market homes in Mattityahu East

Danya Cebus to build $230m Upper Modi'in project;
An Urban Building Plan (UBP) has been approved for 1,500 housing units, and a UBP for an additional 3,000 units will be approved soon.

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Globes [online] - Israel's Business Arena
August 22, 2004 Sunday

BYLINE: Sharon Kedmi

Danya Cebus (TASE:DNYA) will build the $230 million Green Park project in the haredi (ultra-orthodox) town of Upper Modi'in, Danya Cebus CEO Itamar Deutscher announced last week. The company bought 939 dunam (234.75 acres) in the residential East Matityahu lot, zoned for the haredi community.

Danya Cebus's parent company, Africa-Israel Investments (TASE:AFIL), will market the project, which will comprise five-storey buildings with up to 26 apartments per buildings. The buildings will have garden apartments, penthouses, and three, four, and five-room apartments.

Deutscher said an Urban Building Plan (UBP) had been approved for 1,500 housing units, and a UBP for an additional 3,000 units would be approved soon. 800 housing units will be built in the first construction stage. Infrastructure work for 1,300 housing units is currently underway.
Published by Globes [online]- - on August 22, 2004




-August 24, 2004 Globes article re Danya Cebus plans to build Mattityahu East

Africa-Israel: New York, New York;
CEO Pinchas Cohen plans more Big Apple buys but says he won't neglect Israeli real estate.

Globes [online] - Israel's Business Arena
August 24, 2004 Tuesday

BYLINE: Elazar Levin

"Globes" interviewed Africa-Israel Investments (TASE:AFIL) CEO Pinchas Cohen following the company's acquisition of a New York financial district skyscraper. Cohen talks about the company's strategic investments in Israel and overseas and the best deals in Manhattan.
"Globes": Where exactly is the building and who owned it?

Cohen: "At the sellers' request, we are not disclosing the building's precise location at this time. We will do so later. The building is owned by two well-established families, who bought it many years ago. We believe both parties made a good deal.

Is this the first time that you've bought an office building with the intention of converting to residential use?

"No. We bought an office building at 15 Broad St., Manhattan, last year for $120 million. We're now converting it to luxury apartments at a similar investment level. The Manhattan apartment market is very good, prices are high, and investments like these are worthwhile."
What is your real estate investment policy for New York?

"It's a long-term strategy. We already own 18 office buildings in New York, all of which are leased. Together with our investments in Miami, we have invested $3 billion. Africa-Israel is a large company in the North American real estate market. Our policy is to invest in the US alongside further real estate investments in Israel."

Aren't such large investments risky?

"The New York real estate market isn't just good - it's hot. You can lease almost any office building at a high return. It's not just us; other developers in the US are doing good business there. It is a fact that six large US banks agreed to finance the bulk of the investments. Success is based on three factors: keeping within a budget, meeting the timetable, and proper marketing. We've established a good engineering-marketing system, headed by Shaya Boymelgreen, who manages matters, together with our people in New York."

Will you make more investments in the US?

"We have plans to buy more real estate in New York and in cities in other states. We're a public company, so we cannot disclose details until the deals are signed."

Are you neglecting Israel?

"Heaven forbid! Our subsidiary, Danya Cebus (TASE:DNYA), recently signed a very large contract to build 2,500 apartments in Matityahu Mizrach (Upper Modi'in), for a $130 million investment. We have other investment plans in Israel, depending on the market climate. Both our divisions are busy: in Israel and overseas."
Published by Globes [online]- - on August 24, 2004

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