Max Brenner

Max Brenner is an Israeli chocolate-store chain, with locations across the globe. Max Brenner is 100% owned by the Israeli company the Strauss Group, which is the second largest Israeli food-and-beverage company and is widely held up as one of the great successes of Israeli industry. Strauss Group is complicit in the wide-ranging violations of human rights conducted by the Israeli army and specifically the Golani Brigade, which it has supported for over 30 years. For more information on the Strauss group and their support for the Golani Brigades as well as information on the violations of human rights carried out by the Golani Brigades, see above under Sabra Hummus.

Max Brenner corporate office is located in New York City with a number of branches in the United States and Australia in addition to stores in Singapore and the Phillipines.

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