Tribe Hummus

In September 2008, the Israel-based Osem Group acquired Tribe Hummus, a competitor of Sabra. Osem Investments LTD is one of the largest food manufacturers and distributors in Israel. Founded before the establishment of the Israeli state, Osem celebrates its role as a pillar of Zionist development, stating on its website, “the history of Osem is intertwined with the history of the modern State of Israel… the company’s development and establishment of the different production plants were an integral part of promotional activities for different development areas throughout Israel.”

Osem has contracts to supply the Israeli army with pasta and Bamba, a snack food. Bamba's biggest commercial boost came about during the 1967 Six Day War, when Israeli army canteens were stocked with the snack food. Osem has been a long-term supporter and partner of the Jewish National Fund. The Jewish National Fund was established in 1907 for the sole purpose of acquiring land in Palestine to settle Jews. Its discriminatory policies against Palestinians have been well documented. Osem and the JNF have developed various programs that enable consumers of Osem to support the JNF, such as the 2004, Jewish National Fund-OSEM USA program: Matzah With a Mitzvah project, where Osem pledged to make a donation to the JNF for every five boxes of matzah products sold and advertise the JNF on their packages. Osem is included in the JNF’s Loyalty Program which provides saving for products from donor companies.

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