New York, NY, November 27, 2012: This morning, over 50 New Yorkers braved the chilly rain for a solemn march in front of the iconic General Electric Building at the heart of Rockefeller Plaza in commemoration of those killed by the assault on Gaza that ended in a cease fire on November 21st. Surrounded by preparations for the holiday season, the protesters, accompanied by the haunting music of the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, read the names and ages of all the people killed in the assault in the mic check style popularized by the Occupy Movement.

What: Demonstration to support divestment from war-profiteer General Electric, whose engines power the Israeli F-16s and Apache helicopters that drop bombs on Gaza.

Where: Meet at the corner of 49th St and 5th Ave.

When: Tuesday, November 27, 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Please be on time and wear black! 

Why: The latest Israeli assault on Gaza has left 162 Palestinians dead and 1000 injured, and six Israelis dead.  Gaza’s infrastructure was targeted and extensively damaged. Gaza remains under siege.

Protesters demand passage for international rights marchers challenging Israel’s bombing & siege of Gaza


New York, NY - Sixty human rights advocates protested outside Egypt’s Mission to the United Nations today to demand that Egypt open its border with the Gaza Strip. The New York protest came as Egyptian riot police in Cairo surrounded and assaulted hundreds of international activists who had been prevented by Egyptian authorities from entering the Gaza Strip. The international activists had planned to protest in Gaza against Israel’s siege as part of the Gaza Freedom March. Following the demonstration at the Egyptian Mission, the New York City protesters marched to the Israeli consulate chanting, “Free Gaza Now.”